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Credits- book with island

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This project could not have happened without the dedication of the people with KenNet, the Community Access Program committee in Kensington. This site details Kensington's past; they are working to bring the town into the future, by educating community members about the possibilities of computer technology. To find out more about exciting things happening in Kensington today, visit their CAP community website by clicking here:


First of all, we would like to thank SchoolNet Digital Collections, Industry Canada for the funding that made this project possible. If the purpose of the SchoolNet Digital Collections Program is to impart technological skills, your dollars have been put to good use by our team members.

L to R: Tom MacDonald, Derwin Cole, Dave Smith, Gerald McCarville, Roscoe Pendleton, Donnie Moase, Carolyn Francis

We would like to thank the three groups who brought this Industry-Canada sponsored project to Kensington: KenNet, The Railway Heritage Association, and Kensington Historical Society. This virtual museum has been made possible by their commitment to the history of our community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who donated their time, talents, artifacts, and photographs.

Thank you to:

Mr. Roscoe Pendleton for his tireless efforts in gathering information on even the smallest details that were needed for our site. Through his knowledge of the community and its citizens, we were able to find the best sources for each area covered in our project. We also thank you for donating personal pictures, as well as retrieving photos from other sources. He was also instrumental in making the application for the project, and served as an important liasion with Industry Canada. Finally, his regular morning and afternoon visits also provided a welcome break from the daily grind.

Mr. Dave Smith for going out of his way to provide us with all the technical support we needed to successfully bring this project to life. Because of your expertise in the computer field, we were able to surmount many of the problems that arose during our time on the project. Without Dave, the warning on the screen 'hard disk not found' might have stayed there permanently. We suspect he will be getting an unlisted phone number in the near future.

Ms. Olive Moase for her role with the KenNet committee, and for overseeing all the paper work that needed to be done for Industry Canada.

Mr. Tom MacDonald for giving up a lot of his personal time to go out and photograph many of the artifacts seen throughout the site, as well as providing us with many digitally-ready photographs from the Historical Society's collection. You will notice that Tom's name is a perpetually recurring one in the photo gallery credits. If Tom had not been willing to give up his weekends, especially in the early stages of the project, we would have had major difficulties getting off the ground. We guarantee him that Roscoe will not phone him any more. We would also like to thank Tom's wife Marlene for her support throughout the entire project.

Mrs. Carolyn Francis and the staff of Kensington Intermediate Senior High for allowing us to use their facilities throughout the entire project.

Mrs. Joan Adams for her work in the accounting and payroll duties of the project.

We would like to thank the Lions Club of Kensington for allowing us to use any information found in their book A History of Kensington. This provided us with the base from which much of our research stemmed. Special thanks to B. MacEwen for providing information on the Lions Club activities.

Mr. Garnett Turner for opening up his personal collection of photographs, as well as providing us with related historical information. Because of his contributions, we were able to provide many of the historical details on not only Kensington but also other outlying communities.

Mr. Donnie Moase for providing us with much information on the railway as well as many stories related to historical community events. We also very much appreciate the photographs, newspaper articles, and time spent on relaying details for the railway section.

Mr. Derwin Cole for donating his time, knowledge, photographs, articles and books on the railway. His interest in the project and the information he provided was greatly appreciated.

Mr. Gerald MacCarville, the Mayor of Kensington, for providing us with many historical town documents and pictures. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to relay important historical information on many of the buildings in Kensington.

Mr. Lowell Huestis for relaying important railway stories and facts. We very much appreciate your allowing us to use your treasured railway photo album.

Mr. Mike MacKinnon for coming in and imparting his vast knowledge with regards to working on the railway.

Mr. Ivan Gill for providing photographs and information related to the railway.

Mr. Earle Semple and his son Carl for providing us a world of knowledge about the harness racing industry in Kensington. Thank you for donating personal pictures related to horse racing.

Mr. Allan Champion for providing use of artifacts in his basement for photographs and information related to the pharmacy.

Mr. Marshall Thompson for donating pictures and taking time to come and provide stories and details about the Town of Kensington.

Mrs. Emily Douglas for providing us with historical information through her donation of books, and pictures.

Mr. Ian MacGougan and his father Sydney for allowing us to photograph many historic farming artifacts and providing us with information.

Mrs. Lauretta Jollimore for providing us with the copies of many outlying community histories as well as photographs.

Mrs. Marion Kennedy for providing us with details on the history of the Kensington Presbyterian Church.

Mr. James MacInnis for the tour of the Kensington Military Museum and for providing much information on many of the military artifacts.

We thank the following people for the donation of photographs:

Mrs. Evelyn Mill; Mrs. Mary Crane; Mrs. Joan Champion;
Mark and Janet Cairns; Ms. Shelley Jollimore; Town of Kensington;
Boily Photo; Kim Champion

Bibliography | Team Profile