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The Kensington Town Crest. Shield is composed of a red cross on white field, together with a sword. The cross and sword are elements taken from the arms of London, England. The Town of Kensington is a namesake of the borough of Kensington, part of London, England. The cross could also refer to the name, Barrett's Cross adopted in 1824. The centre point is taken by the potato blossom, signifying the major crop, and also symbolizing the fact that Kensington is the heart of the agricultural district. The Canadian Civic Crown is composed of a civic crown, the final elements being maple leaves. Issuing out of the crown is the lobster, alluding to the importance of the lobster and fishing industry. The main tinctures of the arms, red and white, are adopted as the town's official colours. (Town of Kensington)
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