MacLeod Family BibleIn this picture, Tammy MacLeod proudly, but shyly displays her family’s Bible; the MacLeod Family Bible. It is a treasured heirloom first owned by Tammy’s great-great-grandfather, Wallace Merrill MacLeod, in 1905 when he married Amelia Stewart. Although Tammy would like to inherit this book filled with wisdom and generations of information, Grace MacLeod, the present owner and Tammy’s grandmother, has indicated that this wouldn’t be possible. According to Tammy, “This Bible cannot be passed down to a girl. Only the boys can get it because it has to stay in the MacLeod family.” Some would argue that this is wrong in a world of political correctness and social progressiveness, but how else can a family ensure that the Bible will remain in the MacLeod family as it has in years past. MacLeod’s of late have recorded in the leather bound picture Bible extensive information about the births, deaths, and marriages in the family. It is certainly a treasure worth holding onto tightly.
Seal Club

This seal club was given to, but, Tammy assured us, never used by, Wallace Merrill MacLeod. The inscription on the bottom of the club reads: W.M.M. P.E.I. D.P.W. 1902


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