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In Prince Edward Island’s rural communities especially, the local church is the centre of community life. It is through the church that the needs of local people are most immediately met. The aged, the hospitalized, the housebound, and families suffering from poverty or suddenly beset by tragedy are always remembered by these church volunteers. Many social events and community education activities also occur thanks to the efforts of these groups that bring together all members of the community in celebration and co-operation.

Knights of Columbus
There are Knights of Columbus groups in seven communities across Prince Edward Island. The Knights of Columbus was founded in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1882 to strengthen religious faith and provide financial support for families overwhelmed by illness or the death of the breadwinner. The Knights of Columbus has been called “the strong right arm of the Church,” and has been cited for its support of the Church, for programs of evangelization, Catholic education, civic involvement, and aid to those in need. The principal areas of Knights of Columbus volunteer involvement can be broken down into the categories of Church, Community, Council, Family, and Youth.

Catholic Women’s League
The CWL worldwide counts more than 40 million members in 65 countries. In Prince Edward Island, the organization has been active since 1921 and encompasses 51 local councils and over 4,000 members. Their motto, “For God and Canada,” is acted upon through numerous activities, including involvement in issues such as Catholic education, family, child protection and welfare, ecumenism, and international aid and solidarity.

United Church Women
The UCW began in 1962, an amalgamation of the Women’s Missionary Society and the Women’s Association. By the end of that first year, 78 of 92 United Church congregations in Prince Edward Island had UCW groups, totalling a provincial membership of 2,600. The UCW plays an important role in the community, engaging in numerous projects and some advocacy, such as the promotion of day care services, better home nursing, and human rights solidarity. They raise money to fund their activities through teas, bazaars, suppers, and free-will offerings. The UCW engages in local outreach, library support, social welfare, church maintenance, and care for the elderly and shut-ins. Internally, the UCW promotes among its members engagement in the arts, poetry, singing, crafts, self-improvement, learning, and self reliance.

Logos, meaning “The Word,” is in its third season in Kensington, Prince Edward Island. Begun in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this Christian program has four components: play, Bible study, meals with community families, and development of worship skills such as drama. The purpose of the group is to develop community relationships so that teens and youth will feel a sense of familiarity and belonging in the church.

CGIT brings together girls aged 12 to 17 to participate in activities of fun and worship on a weekly basis. There are 7 or 8 such groups across the Island. Programs include Bible study and special activities focused on issues concerning young girls and the community. UNICEF campaigns, Christmas presentations, camps, and exchange trips are among the group’s annual events. CGIT has been in existence for well over 80 years, serving young girls from United, Presbyterian, and Baptist churches.

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