Historic Home
Submitted by Garnett Turner

This two-storey, twenty-room house, situated on the shore of Malpeque Bay, was occupied by the Keirs and their descendants from 1810–1994. The house, as it stands, is made up of two houses, each existing separately prior to 1810 when they were moved to the present site. The front half of the house was constructed around 1780, while the rear portion is believed to be of similar age. The grounds feature spacious lawns and gardens with many large trees, and a magnificent stone wall and well which were added by Dr. James Keir in the 1930s. Rev. Dr. John Keir was the first Keir to occupy the house, which served not only as the family home but also as a theological school during the 1840s. His son, William, conducted his medical practice from the house for over 50 years until shortly before his death in 1917. William’s son, James, also practised medicine from the house for some 40 years until his death in 1944. Dr. John Keir’s theological library, comprising approximately 400 volumes, some dating back to the early 1600s, was donated to the archives of the Presbyterian Church in Canada when the house was sold. Recently, award-winning actress Sheila McCarthy bought the home. Sheila plays a leading role in the Emily of New Moon television series.

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