Location Pictures

Location List For Emily of New Moon;
Seasons I, II, & III

Season I

Cabot Park
Fanning School
Slemon Park (studio)
Saint Mary’s Church, Indian River
Lofty John’s, Jim MacIntyre Property, Arlington
Elmer Macdonald Property, Campbell’s Pond/ Rennie’s Road, New Glasgow
Orwell Corner Historical Site, Orwell Corner
Notre dame Convent, 264 Sydney St. Charlottetown
Maywood Cottage, Howard Mackinnon Property, Bayside
Presbyterian Church, South Granville
Yeo House, PEI Museum & Heritage, Port Hill
L&C Fisheries Jollimore’s Wharf Property, French River
Sidney MacGougan Property, Cabot Park
Beaconsfield Historic House, Charlottetown
Court Brothers Wharf Property, North Rustico
Scales Pond Community Park, South Freetown
Kensington Train Station, Kensington
Fields, Streams, Woods, and Roads, within the zone

Season II

Cabot Park
Fanning School
Slemon Park (studio)
Saint Mary’s Church, Fields & Cemetery, Indian River
Dr. Burnley’s, Roberta Ramsay Property, Beech Point Rd., Hamilton
Tansy Patch Cottage, Christy’s Place / Dr. Jack Faling Property, Long River
Presbyterian Church & Cemetery Property, South Granville
Asylum, Armoury Building, Summerside
Farm Lane, Indian River Farms Property, Beech Pt. Road
Fields/Roads, Morley Pinsent Property, South Granville
Burning Village, Vernon Campbell Property, Springbrook
Woods, Darby Brown’s Property, Indian River
Field/Woods/Road, Wayne Cousins Property, Cape Tryon
Field/Lighthouse, Fisheries & Oceans Canada Property, Cape Tryon
Scales Pond Community Park (Old Electrical Building), South Freetown
Fields/Shoreline, (Old Bernard Farm), Vernon Campbell Property, Springbrook
Wyther Grange, Beaconsfield Historic House, Charlottetown

Season III

Cabot Park
Fanning School
Slemon Park (studio)
Dr. Burnley’s, Roberta Ramsay Property, Beech Point Rd., Hamilton
Treasure House/Fields/Hayfield/Roads, Yeo House, Green Park, Port Hill
Shrewsbury Hall/Courthouse, King George Hall, Port Hill
Woods/Fields near Hall, Port Hill
Wharf/Road/Barricade, Old Miscouche Wharf (Bentick Cove), Miscouche
Potato Field, John Ramsay Property, Beech Pt. Road, Hamilton
Field, Alfred Wall Property, Malpeque
Race Track, Another Barn, Brander Farm Property, Linkletter
Potato Field, Dale Linkletter Property, Linkletter
Woolen Mill, MacAuslands Woolen Mill, Bloomfield
Fields/Wood/Fork in the Road, Dirt Road off Rt. 12, Port Hill
Shack/Road/Field/Woods, Rt. 105, Baltic

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