Summerside Fire
Submitted by KenNet

The plaque beneath the mural states:
Summerside was ablaze in a fierce south-east gale during the night of
October 10, 1906! The fire began its destructive path at the railway freight shed,
apparently ignited by a spark from a train engine. Advancing in a 300 yard wide
swath diagonally across town to the courthouse, it levelled over 155 buildings,
most of them residential. Through the heroic efforts of fire-fighters and
citizens, many homes were saved from the onslaught. Not a single life was lost!
In the aftermath of this horrific event, Summerside was rebuilt. Many magnificent
period houses were constructed adding to the built heritage that enriches our
neighbourhoods even today.

This mural made possible through partnerships with the City of Summerside,
the Province of Prince Edward Island and the Provincial Mural Advisory Committee.

Mural Artist: Greg Garand

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