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Prince Edward Island is proud to be home to many people who, by their courage, talent, and accomplishment, have achieved national and international fame and recognition. Though most Islanders view themselves and each other as “the salt of the Earth,” there are a few among them who might be considered to provide “the icing on the cake” thanks to their contribution to western civilization and culture.

Heroes in Canadian Military History:
The freedom, peace, and democracy we enjoy in Canada today did not come without a price. During the First and Second World Wars and the Korean Conflict (not to mention numerous regional conflicts in recent years), Prince Edward Island families have seen many sons and daughters go to war in service of their country and their convictions. An important part of the Island Way of Life is the recognition we give the ultimate sacrifice that was made on our behalf.

Lest We Forget
Islanders of Valour
Women Who Served Abroad

Local Celebrities:
Prince Edward Island grows more than delicious and nutritious potatoes. Prince Edward Island’s beautiful sea, sun, and soil of have grown quite a number of exceptional people who have made significant contributions in many fields, including sport, music, literature, art, and entertainment.