Native Trees and Common Woodland Shrubs of Prince Edward Island

The Conifers
These cone-bearing trees are known throughout the province as evergreens or softwoods. All retain their needles year-round except tamarack, which sheds them in the fall.

White Pine—Pinus strobus (L.)
Red Pine—Pinus resinosa (Ait.)
Jack Pine—Pinus banksiana (Lamb.)
Tamarack—Larix laricina (DuRoy) K. Koch
White Spruce—Picea glauca (Moench) Voss
Black Spruce—Picea mariana (Mill.) B.S.P.
Red Spruce—Picea rubens (Sarg.)
Eastern Hemlock—Tsuga canadensis (L.) (Carr.)
Balsam Fir—Abies balsamea (L.) (Mill.)
Eastern White Cedar—Thuja occidentalis (L.)

Broad-Leaved Trees
All broad-leaved trees, commonly called hardwoods or deciduous trees, shed their leaves in the fall. Tree Animation

Trembling Aspen—Populus tremuloides (Michx)
Large-Toothed Aspen—Populus grandidentata (Michx)
The Willows—Salix (L.)
Ironwood—Ostrya virginiana (Mill.) K. Koch
Yellow Birch—Betula alleghaniensis (Britton)
White Birch—Betula papyrifera (Marsh.)
Grey Birch—Betula populifolia (Marsh.)
Speckled Alder—Alnus rugosa (DuRoi) Spreng.
Mountain Alder—Alnus crispa (Ait.)
Beaked Hazelnut—Corylus cornuta (Marsh)
Beech—Fagus grandifolia (Ehrh.)
Red Oak—Quercus rubra (L.)
White Elm—Ulmus americana (L.)
Snowy Mountain Ash—Sorbus decora (Sarg.) Schneid.
American Mountain Ash—Sorbus americana (Marsh.)
The Serviceberries—Amelanchier (Med.)
The Hawthorns—Crataegus (L.)
Pin Cherry—Prunus pensylvania (L.f.)
Eastern Chokecherry—Prunus virginiana (L.)
Staghorn Sumac—Rhus typhina (L.)
Winter Berry—Ilex verticillata (L.)
Mountain Holly—Nemophantus mucronata (L.) trel.
Mountain Maple—Acer spicatum (Lam.)
Striped Maple—Acer pensylvania (L.)
Sugar Maple—Acer saccharum (Marsh.)
Red Maple—Acer rubrum (L.)
Red-Osier Dogwood—Cornus stolonifera (Michx.)
Alternate-Leaved Dogwood—Cornus alternifolia (L.f.)
White Ash—Fraxinus americana (L.)
Black Ash—Fraxinus nigra (Marsh.)
Common Elder—Sambucus canadensis (L.)
Red-Berried Elder—Sambucus pubens (Michx.)
Withe-Rod—Viburnum cassinoides (L.)

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