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Police HeaderPolice HeaderPublic order and security are not serious problems in Prince Edward Island. We are fortunate to have a low crime rate and safe communities. There are even families, especially in rural households, that never lock their doors! While we must credit the whole of Island society for creating such a safe place to live and raise a family, much recognition should be bestowed on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and municipal police forces.

The year 1998 marked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s 125th year in Canada and the force’s 66th year in ‘L’ Division, Prince Edward Island. The original headquarters for the ‘L’ Division detachment and its 35 officers were located at 93 Upper Prince Street, in Charlottetown. At that time, the primary activities of the force related to enforcing the Prohibition Act and the Customs Act. Since 1932, the ‘L’ Division has graduated 251 recruits to postings across Canada.

RCMPOf the 124 active members of the RCMP in Prince Edward Island today, 29 graduated from this province. Recruits beginning their career on the Island find it a great place to start; it is an enviable posting among many members of the force. One reason for this is the fact that officers have the rare opportunity to get to know their fellow officers on a personal basis. Moreover, serving in Prince Edward Island, a province of friendly and familiar folk, requires RCMP officers to be approachable and to befriend local residents. This relationship, in turn, often leads to help in solving crimes as people witnessing suspicious or criminal acts feel comfortable contacting the authorities. The RCMP engages in partnerships with the local community to battle family violence, drinking and driving, youth crime, vandalism, and various local problems.

The RCMP has been a part of many important historic events in the Island’s history and culture. For example, on August 20, 1941, at the Queens County Jail, three officers witnessed the last execution on Prince Edward Island. Official responsibilities of the RCMP include providing security for visiting dignitaries, including members of the royal family. The force also provides police service to numerous towns and communities across the Island.

The cities of Charlottetown and Summerside, as well as the Town of Kensington and the Community of Borden-Carleton all have their own municipal police forces. These municipal police forces engage in criminal investigations, enforcement of the Highway Traffic Act and the Liquor Control Act, preventative patrols, and attend to traffic accidents. They also foster positive community relations by organizing special activities. The Kensington Police Department, for example, hosts a Bicycle Rodeo near the end of the school year for the children of the area. It is an opportunity for the local authorities to mingle with community members in a less formal setting while still accomplishing an important task. Furthermore, the Kensington police officers (two full-time and three part-time officers) have taken the initiative to fingerprint grade one students for the Child Find program. They also give numerous safety talks throughout the year to Kensington students regarding topics such as impaired driving and the Criminal Code.

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