Kimberley Champion
I graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. After completing my degree, I entered the research field when I was hired by an Island law firm. As a Title Searcher, my interest in community history heightened and growing up near Kensington gave me added interest in doing the researching and writing for the first Kensington SchoolNet project entitled “Kensington the Heart of Prince Edward Island.” The computer knowledge learned during the making of this site led to an added interest in obtaining more skills in HTML writing and graphic design. On this project I concentrated mainly on graphics although I was able to spend time working on programming, scanning images and photo manipulation . Also, I was able to work with the midi files that appear on our site as well as doing most of the animation work. Currently, I am now residing in Darnley with my husband and our beautiful daughter, Courtney. I enjoyed working with all the members of the project team and also with the members of KenNet. I would like to thank the many people who donated their time, artifacts, pictures and knowledge to our cause. Your support and information was essential to the success of this project.

Shannon Hartigan
I grew up in Miscouche, Prince Edward Island, and currently live in Charlottetown. Having completed twelve years of French Immersion, I began studies at l’Université de Moncton (New Brunswick) and graduated with a bachelor in political science in 1994. After a year of work as a researcher and an aborted foray into law school, I began graduate work in Environmental Studies at York University (Ontario). As of January 1999, I’m putting the finishing touches on my major paper. I did pretty much all of the research and writing for “The Island Way of Life” and would like to thank all of the individuals and organizations who were so generous with their time and resources. It was great fun working with the group. Their help and support and that of KenNet committee members made my experience a great one.

Marshall Simmons
I spent the first six years of my life in Rockland, Massachusetts, then moved to Kensington, P.E.I., and have been here, more or less, ever since. In 1993, I received a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Prince Edward Island. A few years later as my interest grew in the computer field, I decided to further my education and enrolled in the Information Technology Institute in Moncton, New Brunswick. There, I received training in several programming languages, networking and web page development. As a member of this team I have shared the technical position, creating graphics, scanning numerous pictures, HTML programming and extensive testing for bugs and glitches. I would like to thank the rest of the team for an enjoyable three months and to wish them luck in their future endeavours.

Brian Harper
I began my computer training at the Toronto School of Business where I graduated with a Computer Programming and Systems Analyst Diploma. Later, I attended CompuCollege School of Business in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, to enhance my abilities in the Networking field. My ambitions include employment in web page design and/or computer networking. During this project I was responsible for HTML programming, adding graphics, placing text onto pages, and troubleshooting as well as FTPing everything to our server. Thank-you’s are sent to my family and of course to the KenNet staff; as well as to any future employers who would like to hire me promptly following this position. Although I live in West Prince, I am willing to travel in order to pursue my ambitions.

Crystal Fall
After first refusing the position of Project Manager due to its numerous and diversified responsibilities, I reconsidered when I was assured of the quality staff that was to be employed under my guidance. I was not disappointed. Shannon, Kim, Marshall, and Brian have proven to be capable employees for KenNet according to their particular facets of growing expertise. Shannon with her research initiatives and mastery of the English language; Kim with her patience for graphics design; Brian for his computer know-how; and Marshall for the same ability, although I also appreciated his talent for lightheartedness amongst five opinionated people in a small cubicle-of-a-room. My many thanks are extended, first, to this team of four ( I’m sorry that I had to be the Big Bad Wolf of the group) and, second, to KenNet members who expressed an interest in creating a site about “The Island Way of Life.” I would also like to thank those who contributed facts, photos, and artifacts for the site; especially those whom I spoke with and who were patient to call back no matter how infrequently they could get through the line. After completing this project I will be flying onto Japan for a couple of years. Meanwhile, I wish the best to KenNet which was recently raised to a Level II Cap Site and I hope that KenNet attempts to create web sites as good as the first two; however difficult that may be.

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