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Tourism HeaderTourism HeaderTourism is one of Prince Edward Island’s most important industries, second only to agriculture in economic value. And it is no wonder! Canada’s smallest province is a wonderful place to live, but, if you have to live somewhere else, visiting is the next best thing! Virtually all visitors to the Island enjoy sightseeing; no matter where you go, our beautiful landscapes surround you. Shopping for crafts and beach visits are also at the top of tourists’ activity lists. These favourite excursions are closely followed by “Anne”/L. M. Montgomery attractions, our famous lobster suppers, historic sites and cultural activities, shopping, national parks, and visiting friends and relatives.

Prince Edward Island is an attractive tourist destination for family vacations and for adult couples seeking rest and relaxation. Since its construction, the Confederation Bridge—the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered waters—has also lured many new visitors to the Island.

Between May 14, 1997, and October 31, 1997, an estimated 1,189,000 pleasure and 49,3000 business visitors came to Prince Edward Island. These figures represent almost ten times the residential population! Visitors to the Island come primarily from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, and the New England states (U.S.A.). The province is also endeavouring to promote the Island as a tourist destination to residents of other areas in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Outdoor Adventures
Get that potato off the couch—it belongs outside! Visit “Bud the Spud” and other Island “wildlife” in their natural habitat while filling your lungs with the fresh, salt air of Prince Edward Island.

Pack a picnic lunch and take your inner (and outer) child to play at one of Prince Edward Island’s fun parks, museums, and guided tour operations.

After a long day of fun and frolic, there is nothing better than a good night’s rest to rejuvenate the body for the next day’s adventures. Prince Edward Island offers many types of accommodation for every taste and budget.

Festivals and Events
For a glimpse into the activities and “way of life” that Islanders hold dear, plan to attend one of the many community or cultural festivals that are held throughout the year in localities across the Island.