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Youth Groups Header

Prince Edward Island Youth Council
Created in 1998, the Prince Edward Island Youth Council is the most recent addition to the slate of organizations bringing young people together. The council is striving to channel youth’s talents and energy toward making Prince Edward Island a place for them to work and build their lives. The mandate of the council is: “To provide information to youth and to advocate on behalf of youth on the issues of economic development, social development, and education/skills development as they pertain to youth on Prince Edward Island.”

Generation XX
Created in 1996, Generation XX is a youth drop-in centre located in Summerside. The club has built Atlantic Canada’s first ever indoor skating park and brings together youth from a wide spectrum of groups—from preps to skateboarders. According to the local police, youth-related crime has decreased by 30 percent since the creation of the facility. The club has a full-time paid employee whose participation has brought the group great success both internally and within the community. The organization has been nominated for a YTV achievement award and a Commonwealth award.

Youth in other communities such as Souris and Montague have taken a similar step toward creating youth clubs and drop-in centres

Scouts Canada
The purpose of Scouts Canada is to contribute to the development of young boys and girls in achieving their full potential as individuals in their community. Three broad principles form the bedrock of Scouting: Duty to God, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self. The program, which Venturesincludes crafts, music, co-operative play, camping, outdoor activities, and community service, is designed to foster physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual development among Scouts. Young people in the Town of Kensington, for example, are quite active in the Scout movement, with 17 Beavers, 13 Cubs, 19 Scouts, and 23 Venturers in 1998–1999.

Girl Guides of Canada
Guiding in Prince Edward Island has been active for more than 75 years, challenging girls to develop to their fullest potential in leadership and in service. The organization seeks to empower young women and girls to become good decision-makers and responsible citizens of the world. Members have the opportunity to develop personal values, a sense of well-being, respect for self and others, and a sense of pride and accomplishment. In 1993, over 210,000 young girls belonged to one of various groups appearing under the umbrella of the Girl Guides of Canada Association. These groups include: Sparks, Brownies, Pathfinders, Rangers, Cadets, and Junior Leaders.

Allied Youth
There are numerous Allied Youth groups in schools across the province. The organization’s program has six components that seek to develop social fitness, youth leadership skills, awareness of environmental concerns, work with the physically challenged, community aid, and work with seniors. Provincial Allied Youth activities are supported by Island Credit Unions.

Students Against Drinking and Driving
Active in many Island high schools, S.A.D.D.’s objective is to broaden school and public awareness of the effects of drinking and driving. The group seeks to eliminated drunk driving and save lives, to alert students to the dangers of drinking and driving, to conduct community alcohol awareness programs, and to organize peer counselling programs.

4-H 4-H Logo
Begun in Manitoba in 1913, today’s 4-H program continues to serve primarily rural communities. The club is open to both boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 21. Programs focus on developing skills in citizenship, leadership, co-operation, sociability, responsibility, and independence through skill development projects. Members participate in technical skill development and club projects (many related to agriculture) as well as other fun club activities like camping, public speaking, travel, conferences, and much more.

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