Primary Industries


Agriculture is the foundation of the economy in the Kensington area. It is the most important industry, employing the greatest number of people directly and indirectly. Cavendish Farms, which processes potatoes and other vegetables is the largest industrial employer in the province. The importance of this area as a potato growing region has been reflected in Kensington of the Potato Services Division of the Departmentof Agriculture. In 1991, a Farmers' Market was established in Kensington at the old train station. Several vendors use the Market to sell their produce directly to residents and tourists.


The fishery is also an important economic resource in the Kensington area. Local fishermen fish lobster , mussels, hake, and cod out of ports at Malpeque, New London, Stanley Bridge, and French River. Lobster is the main fishery resource providing over 70% of the landed value of the fishery in this area. The mussel fishery is relatively new but continues to expand into an important fishery resource.

The French River Cannery was originally opened in the 1940s by the Cousins family and changed hands in 1986 when Donald Cousins sold it to Westmoreland Fisheries of New Brunswick. They process lobsters(May-June) and clams(July-late August).Lobsters are canned and sold mostly locally. They are also cooked and frozen in brine to be shipped to the US. Clams are canned and sold locally.

Kensington and Area has become important in the cultured mussel industry. One grower, Blair Ramsay, has been growing mussels for 11 years and currently harvests about 1 million pounds per year. The method used for growing mussels is the "long-line" method which causes "the mussels to grow very rapidly [and have] a higher meat yield and thinner shell." Chef Hans Anderegg of the Culinary Institute says "the quality of the Island Blue mussels are second to none. The value for the dollar is excellent."


Tourism is one of the three main industries on Prince Edward Island. Specifically, it is very important to Kensington and the surrounding communities. We are very close to the birthplace of L. M. Montgomery and the busy Cavendish Boardwalk & Beach. As a result, many of the people destined for that area come through our town and discover our beautiful landscape, friendly residents, and relaxed atmosphere.

One of the town's major attractions is our architecturally beautiful train station. Today it houses the Tourist Office and a train museum. On Saturdays during the summer, it is the site of the Farmer's Market.

Come see for yourself why we have so many visitors every year. Or, if you'd like to take our armchair tour, come see what we have to offer.