Virtual Tour 2

After visiting the Kensington train station, you may wish to take a scenic tour of the area via automobile with your free Island map in hand. This tour, which will take you through Springfield, Granville, Millvale, Stanley Bridge, New London, Clinton, Margate and back to Kensington, is approximately 58 kilometres. As you leave the train station, turn right and stop at the lights. When the light is green you may continue going straight on route #2. ( If you continue along this highway, you will end up in Charlottetown.)

St. James' Church

As you travel out of Kensington you will pass a few services such as a dental clinic, a Chinese food restaurant, a grocery store and a medical clinic. About 8 kilometers out of Kensington you will come to a beautiful Catholic church on the left hand side of the road. This church belongs to the St. James' Parish and has mass every Sunday... If you continue along this stretch of the highway, you will also pass the Summerfield United Church on your right and St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church which is further down the highway to the left.

North Granville

About a kilometer down the road you will turn onto route #254 traveling through North Granville which is heading towards Stanley Bridge. This road is very beautiful and tranquil with its large wooded lots and rolling hills. As we pass through Granville in all its splendor, we head towards Trout River and Stanley Bridge.

Route #239

If you don't mind traveling on clay roads, be sure to turn right onto route #239. If you do mind the clay road, continue straight on route #254 until you get to Stanley Corner.

To continue with the detour follow route #239 which is known as the Trout River Road. It is paved for the first three or four kilometers, but then becomes a path of beautiful red clay leading you to trails which are lush, green and full of beauty. Where the pavement ends, there is a splendid view of Trout River. So even if you don't want to take the clay road you could detour just to the end of the paved road. Further down this route, you will find Trout River Pottery. If you stop here, you will be able to meet with the artists and see them at work creating one-of-a- kind pieces. When you come to the end of this road, turn left onto route #231 passing the old mill. Approximately 1.5 kilometers down the road you will take another left turn onto Center Road which also happens to be clay. This is a very scenic drive in the fall when all the autumn colors are at their best. When you come to the end of this road, turn left onto route #224 which will bring us to Stanley Corner to meet up with those who didn't take the clay road detour. Some of the island's most picturesque places are found on the clay roads.

If you took the detour, continue straight onto route #6. If you didn't take the detour, you will need to turn left onto route #6. Be careful here as this intersection is a three way stop.

Stanley Bridge

Passing through Stanley Bridge you might like to partake in some of the activities. At the wharf, you can take a sail out to the Gulf and try your hand at deep sea fishing or taste some of the delicious seafood sold at Carr's Lobster Pound. Stanley Bridge has much to offer visitors with it's Aquarium, restaurants, gift shops, water sports and adventure park.

Continuing on, we head into New London where you can do some souvenir shopping or visit L.M. Montgomery's Birthplace. If you didn't stop to eat in Stanley Bridge, there are a few tea rooms in the area as well as a sea food restaurant on the wharf that would be pleased to have you visit. As well, if you didn't follow the clay road detour to the pottery studio, there is another one found in New London. Village Pottery is located in an 1855 general store and offer tours of the building that features pottery made on site. Following route #6 you will pass through Clinton which has one of the most panoramic views on P.E.I. At the top of the hill, there is a park where you can stop for a picnic and enjoy the magnificence of the Southwest River and the rolling landscape.

Continue on this route and it will bring you back to the intersection in Kensington. If you turn right, it will bring you back to the visitor's information center at the train station which is on the left. I hope you enjoyed the ride and will visit us on our next tour through Kelvin Grove and New Annan.