Walking Tour

The Kensington Train StationAfter visiting the Kensington train station with a map of the area, follow the Confederation Trail to the right of the building, passing the Blacksmith's shop and the Farmer's market. Occasionally during the summer, there are Ceilidh's held at the Schurman Gazebo on the train station grounds. A Ceilidh is a gathering of musicians and singers performing various flavors of music.

Frosty TreatAlong the Confederation Trail, you will probably encounter many enthusiastic walkers, cyclers and joggers as many of the locals take advantage of this beautiful trail for exercising. When you come to the Frosty Treat Dairy Bar, it's time for an ice cream break. This establishment is known as a landmark in the Kensington area for its great ice cream and delicious food. If you aren't interested in ice cream there is a Bakin' Donuts shop across the street where you can get a cup of coffee and a snack. From here we will head back towards the town on the Old Summerside Road. On the right hand side, you can stop and visit the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 9 Military Museum.. Across the street is the Kensington Towers and Water Gardens. Here you can enjoy a tour through Camelot, the Medieval streets of England known as "The Rambles" and the water gardens. This place is well worth the visit and sure to put a smile on your face.

fountain garden

Back out on the street, continue towards town until you come to the intersection. This intersection was once known as "Barrett's Crossing" because at one time the Barrett family owned and operated an Inn for travelers passing through.

Barrett's Crossing

The intersection is now more commonly known as the Five Lanes End because of the five roads that meet at this juncture. If you have any mail to be sent, the post office is located in the brick building on the east corner. The other three corners all have gasoline stations on the lots.

Kensington Intersection Cross the street and continue along Victoria Street. On the left hand side is the Kensington Community Center which houses the Kensington Fire Station, the Medical Center, along with a Day Care. To the right is the Kensington Presbyterian Church and further up the street is St. Mark's Anglican Church and the Church of the Nazerene. Continuing along Victoria Street, you will pass many older homes which are very neatly kept, some bed and breakfasts and the Victoria Inn, a few accommodations located in Kensington. At the corner of Victoria and Davison, turn left and follow Davison to the bottom of the street. From there cross Woodleigh Dr. and follow Pleasant St. past the Senior Citizen Housing Complex to St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church. Cross the street and continue along Pleasant St. to the Kensington Community Park. Here you can relax and watch the children playing in the E.V.K. Memorial Pool. Maybe go for a swim yourself if you are suited up. The building next to the pool is commonly known as the "Rec Center". Inside there is a restaurant, and a bar. There are many different activities held here year round such as bowling, bingo, meetings and auctions. Upon exiting this complex, you are on School St. Follow the street to the corner where you will find Kensington United Church and Schurman's. Cross School St. and continue along Broadway until you find the train station on the right.

On Broadway St. you can do some shopping and maybe pick up some souvenirs of your visit to Kensington. We all hope you enjoyed the tour and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.