Surfing Seniors

Between Generations

"Technology Meets Tradition"

Do your grandparents tell you interesting stories about war-time experiences, the depression or other significant community events? Are you involved in a youth group, CAP sites or clubs? Are you and your youth group members interested in creating web pages? If you answered yes to the above questions then the Between Generations Program may be for you! ‘Between Generations’ also creates an interesting and unique opportunity for youth groups, clubs and organizations.

These benefits include:


Applying groups must be a recognized youth organization or an affiliate such as Boys & Girls clubs, CAP sites or other such established groups.


Funding to a maximum of $3600 will be provided to a group for the purposes of equipment purchase, staffing or other expenditures necessary to complete the work. Groups receiving funding will receive a CD with program guidelines for equipment purchases, reporting time lines as well as other helpful tips.


Selection of successful bids will be judged in a competitive process. This program focuses on giving youth an opportunity to interact with other generations through the use of technology. Through this collaborative effort, participants cooperate to share stories of common interest and have them maintained for future generations. Youth groups, in particular, will have the opportunity to gain exposure to local traditions and history. This information is then transformed into a website where it will live on for all to see.